Thursday April 9, 2020
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"Increase your web sales by up to 35% immediately"
Frequently Asked Questions About Smart-Agent™ Chat!

Q: What exactly can Smart-Agent™ Chat technology do for me?

A: Bottom line is our revolutionary Smart-Agent™ can get you more sales, improve your website and service your customers better - all with zero employees! That is, unless you need to hire more, to keep up with the increased amount of sales you'll experience!

Q: How much is this going to cost me?

A: We have a saying around here: "We don't make money until you do first!" At Smart-Agent™ Chat there are no set-up fees and no monthly fees! It's 100% pay per performance, which means we put our money where our mouth is! You make money first or we don't get paid... bottom line!

Q: Okay this sounds really interesting - what should I do next?

A: The best thing for you to do right now is to schedule a Free consultation with one of our friendly Smart-Agent™ Chat experts. Because you owe it to yourself and your company to explore the possibilities of what this amazing technology can do for your bottom line! Schedule now!

What is Smart-Agent™ Chat?
Just Imagine a system that automatically launches a live simulated sales agent on your website to those precious few visitors that you want to convert to paying customers. And it happens just as they are about to exit your website or shopping cart. Automatically, Smart-Agent™ deploys.

Smart-Agent™ at that precise moment actively engages the now "Staying" customer who would have otherwise been gone into the portals of cyberspace most likely to never return again.
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