Thursday April 9, 2020
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"Increase your web sales by up to 35% immediately"
The Cutting Edge Technology Behind Smart-Agent™ Chat!

  Is it now possible to know what your customers are thinking?

That's what makes the Smart-Agent™ so important to have in today's fiercely competitive business world. Smart-Agent™ is perfectly trained to answer your customer-buying questions while continually asking for the sale in a very subtle yet powerful and effective way. Sound too good to be true? Read on because it gets even better... much better!

The most realistic simulated live-chat experience on the market today!

Our Smart-Agent™ technology uses a robust (AI) Artificial Intelligence Engine that consists of two key components. Combined our proprietary SLQ™ (Sequential Language Questioning) and ALS™ (Adaptive Learning Strategy) offer the most technologically advanced realistic simulated live-chat experience on the market today.

Our Smart-Agent™ deploys and works in a familiar (IM) Instant Message window environment to grab a customer before they abandon your website, or shopping cart. It works because Instant Message is one of the most popular methods of communication today.

Engage customers with conversations!

Next the Smart-Agent™ proceeds to engage your otherwise lost customer with conversation. Usually offering them a special last-minute savings or offer on your product or service before they leave for good! Smart-Agent™ also answers common questions and concerns about your product or service reassuring your potential customer so they will buy. Then Smart-Agent™ directs them back to a link that converts them into a buyer and does it again and again and again! All with zero employees!

Get feedback and follow up on your sales and customer service process!

Once the customer has been converted and has made a purchase the now familiar Smart-Agent™ reappears upon exit to thank your customer and asks an important question regarding feedback on your sales and customer service process. This important information, which is logged, is made available to you through our user-friendly custom control panel so you can use it to increase sales and productivity even further!

There is nothing better than getting feedback from your customer about your business which ultimately will cause you to get even more sales and be even more profitable. This has proven to be very difficult to do in the past! By using such old school methods like "face to face" or suggestion boxes or doing a survey on your website.

Offer your customers more and improve your upsell!

Once the customer has answered the question(s) the Smart-Agent™ rewards them with a special discount code or other offer to be applied towards an additional upsell or a return visit purchase. All off which is tracked through our unique real-time tracking system. Studies have shown why a potential customer abandons a shopping cart and what you can do to fix it.

Our marketing experts at Smart-Agent™ Chat can help you decide what's right for you. Smart-Agent™ works because it's not the same old thing that customers and web surfers are used to seeing. This is what puts you at a distinct advantage over your competitors! No technology can offer what the Smart-Agent™ offers at the price we offer it for.

Convert more customers than ever before!

Because of our unique ALS™(Adaptive Learning Strategies) we can now utilize this information and show you how to convert even more customers than ever before! This vital information can also be used whether you have a physical storefront along with your virtual online storefront. These are just a few of the strategies at Smart-Agent™ Chat that you can use to build your business and beyond. Our staff of marketing experts can not only show you how to increase your conversions with the Smart-Agent™ but also how to increase your overall business.

Our team of highly trained experts will work diligently with you and show you how to accomplish these goals. Nowadays, most companies try and sell you additional traffic to your website which can be very costly! Especially if you are already struggling with low conversions like everyone else!

You are much better off to convert the traffic you are already getting and use our ALS™ (Adaptive Learning Strategies) to maximize revenues first. Once you have effectively maximized revenues and conversions then you can open up the floodgates to as little or as much traffic and sales that you can handle.

Smart-Agent™ Chat has endless possibilities for any business that is online. With our unique technology we have dedicated our focus on ONE thing. To simply make you more profitable! It all starts with a FREE consultation with one of our friendly experts. Call right now and see what Smart-Agent™ Chat can do for your bottom line! Let's talk!

What is Smart-Agent™ Chat?
Just Imagine a system that automatically launches a live simulated sales agent on your website to those precious few visitors that you want to convert to paying customers. And it happens just as they are about to exit your website or shopping cart. Automatically, Smart-Agent™ deploys.

Smart-Agent™ at that precise moment actively engages the now "Staying" customer who would have otherwise been gone into the portals of cyberspace most likely to never return again.
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